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Electrical Steel

Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel
Developed from iron-silicon alloys in order to provide low core loss and high permeability, which is necessary for efficient and economical electrical transformers.Features excellent magnetic properties, including high magnetic flux density, low iron loss, and low magnetostriction. Applied typically power transformers, distribution transformers, audio transformers, current and potential transformers, medium to large generators, reactors, and magnetic shields. Available in a wide-range of grades to ensure superior magnetic properties in the rolling direction.

Non-Oriented Electrical Steel
Developed using a specialized rolling and annealing process, non-oriented electrical steel is an iron-silicon alloy.
Non grain oriented steels have good magnetic properties in all directions of the sheet plane. As a result, they are mainly used in electric motors, compressors, reactors for lighting systems and energy meters.

Both Grain Oriented Electrical Steel and Non-Grain Oriented Electrical Steel are coated with high dielectric strength surface films that reduce magnetic losses caused by the eddy currents generated in an electrical machine’s core.

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