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  • Heavy Gauge Slitting
    Heavy Gauge Slitting

    Heavy Gauge Slitting is the process used to cut a master coil of steel into several narrower coils by running the coil through a set of rotary slitting knives. During the slitting process, your product can be customized to your specific weight or width and packaged accordingly. We slit a variety of ...

  • Package

    All products can be broken for weight and packaged to your specifications. All are pack by the material that acts as a moisture barrier and to prevent scratches. Contact us today.

  • Shipping and Packaging
    Shipping and Packaging

    As a one-stop shop for all your fabrication needs, our work isn’t done until the job is in your hands or on your floor. Our shipping and packaging operations are set up and equipped with what they need to make that happen in ways that suit your business. we have made sure there’s tight integration b...

  • Finishes Services
    Finishes Services

    Appearances matter and metal parts that quickly rust or corrode will reflect poorly on your business and ours. That’s why an extensive range of metal finishing options is part of our one-stop fabrication service. Contact us today We can provide the coating that suits your parts, project, and company...

  • Steel Sheet & Plate Painting
    Steel Sheet & Plate Painting

    Steel sheet and plate painting services improves a material's corrosion resistance properties and aesthetic qualities. This process is highly customizable and ideal for a wide range of applications. We have warehouses placed strategically throughout the country allowing us to work and ship quickly t...

  • Electro Hot Rolled & Hot Dipped Coating
    Electro Hot Rolled & Hot Dipped Coating

    Steel Company can improve your material’s lifespan with electro hot rolled (or hot dipped) coating services. Over time, environmental exposure will cause unprotected steel to rust and corrode. Our coatings, which are commonly made from polymers like epoxy and polyurethane, act as an excellent guard ...

  • Steel Sheet Cut-to-Length
    Steel Sheet Cut-to-Length

    WanJuan Steel Company offers steel sheet cut-to-length services to supply steel sheet with exact thicknesses and dimensional tolerances. Cut-to-length equipment requires precision correction levelers in order to achieve accurate flatness tolerances. By elongating the material beyond its yield point ...

  • Steel Coil Slitting
    Steel Coil Slitting

    Loop slitting is a method employed to cut a master coil of metal into a number of narrower coils. Our steel coil slitting service equipment contains three main parts: an uncoiled, slitter and recoiler. To begin, the steel is passed through the nip between two circular cutting wheels (one above and o...

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