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  • Construction

    WanJuan Steel is an ISO 9001:2015-certified supplier of flat-rolled steel coils and sheets to building project managers and original equipment manufacturers. Our team can provide quality materials and creative supply chain solutions. Cold-Rolled Steel Coated Steel Pre-Paint Steel Our expansive inven...

  • Agriculture

    Farming has always been the backbone of people's way of life. WanJuan Steel is proud to serve the many great agricultural manufacturing companies that supply farmers with the safest, highest quality, and most reliable rolled steel sheet to get the job done. WanJuan Steel is a full-service steel dist...

  • Medical

    Manufacturing products for healthcare applications can be difficult due to the exacting standards demanded. As human lives are at risk, medical devices must be safe, durable, and resilient. To accomplish this critical task, healthcare equipment must be constructed with the highest-quality metals. At...

  • Automotive

    The automotive, racing, and recreational vehicle industry are major users of a wide range of metals. This is due in no small part to the durability, corrosion resistance, and conductivity of many of the more popular metals. The automotive industry depends upon reliable parts to keep motorists safe. ...

  • Petrochemical

    The economy depends on cost-efficient energy, and in the petrochemical and refinery industries, in particular, materials must be transported safely and efficiently in order to reduce the risks posed to humans, property, and the environment — all while eliminating the need for accident- and failure-r...

  • Military

    The military uses an extensive range of metals for everything from vehicles to electronics and ballistics. Each branch has specializations that require different equipment designs and materials. Meeting these needs often requires that metals and alloys be tailored to the needs of particular military...

  • Transportation

    WanJuan Steel is a full-service flat-rolled steel distributor and service provider committed to supplying the transportation sector with durable metals at a competitive price. We offer hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, pre-paint and stainless steel in a variety of gauges and grades, processed to ...

  • Appliance

    Stainless steel and galvanized appliances are used in homes and businesses world wide. We partner with leading manufacturers to provide cold-rolled, hot-rolled, galvanized, pre-painted, coated and stainless steel for major home appliances. Our finishing capabilities include loop-slitting, cut-to-len...

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