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Cold Rolled Steel, A Product Of Diverse Use

Cold Rolled Steel, A Product Of Diverse Use

  • 2022/06/16

Customers often ask us what is cold rolled steel. Cold rolled steel is essentially hot rolled steel that has been further processed. The steel is further processed in a cold rolling mill, where the material is cooled at room temperature and then subjected to annealing and/or temper rolling. The process will produce steel with closer dimensional tolerances and a wider range of surface finishes.

Benefits of cold rolled steel

  1. Cold rolled steel is often used for technically precise applications and where aesthetics are more important than material strength. Because it is essentially hot rolled steel with additional processing, it is more expensive.
  2. Physically speaking, cold rolled steel is generally stronger and harder than hot rolled steel. As metals are formed at lower temperatures, hardness and resistance to deformation and tensile fracture increase.
  3. However, these extra treatments can create internal stresses in the metal, which can lead to unpredictable warpage if you don't relieve the stress before welding, grinding, or cutting.

Disadvantages of cold rolled steel

  1. More expensive due to the extra processing involved.
  2. Internal stresses can occur in the material due to additional processing that leads to unpredictable warpage in some cases.
  3. Fewer shapes are available, such as sheet and box section shapes.
  4. Ideal applications for cold rolled steel are those that require a better metal surface finish and tighter tolerances. Examples of such components include: aerospace parts, mechanical part, household appliances, metal furniture structure.

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