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Architecture Design Concept: Steel for Construction in 2022

Architecture Design Concept: Steel for Construction in 2022

  • 2022/06/16

Steel is no longer hidden in concrete and becomes the protagonist of residential, commercial establishments and large-scale infrastructure construction. Currently, it has been positioned as a trend in interior design and architectural design.

Steel for construction

Embedded in an industrial style, steel is a trend in architecture, especially in offices and companies. However, homes designed in this model are becoming more common, with the aim of giving each space an edgy feel. Protruding beams, exposed columns and a spiral staircase are some of the elements of this interior design style. In addition, decorative objects such as tables, shelves and lamps complement the modern setting.


Steel is environmental friendly for being 100% recyclable. In the UK, the recycling rate of recycled steel from steel structures is estimated at 96%, and global recycled steel accounts for 50% of new steel production. Prefabricated, high-precision steel structures and qualities of steel such as durability, make it possible for buildings to adapt to weather conditions. Modular design facilitates the expansion of space. For example, if someone wants to have an extra room in their house, they can turn to steel framing to create it in a safe and timely manner. Furthermore, in terms of the environment, it minimises the generation of rubble and the use of water and energy.


Minimalism is something that never goes out of style. It focuses on minimizing elements that lack utility. Thereby promoting the intelligent use of space and creating a harmonious and orderly environment. Alloy steel is important to achieve this because it creates open spaces without the use of large columns. Large windows, flat-screen steel and neutral colours form part of the minimalist style. Due to the new application of steel and its ductility, the structure has become more diverse and innovative, with higher ceilings and unique shapes.


If architecture plays with structure in terms of minimalism, deconstruction takes this concept to the extreme. There is a trend to create buildings with unimaginable shapes based on malleable materials such as steel, a far cry from tradition. The movement is characterised by non-conformity, breaking established principles of classic architecture and putting symmetry aside. Due to the development of alloy and coated steel, the limitations of creating diverse forms have vanished.

Essentially, craftsmanship that becomes more innovative as steel evolves is the basis for creating new architectural trends. Furthermore, they are not only important in terms of design, but also promote safer and more in touch with the needs of people.

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